Monday, April 16, 2018

"Come Sunday" Pearson & Demonic Lies Exposed

Who Paid Bishop Pearson $100,000 For The Azusa Stage?
Don't forget that article right HERE

Y'u-know, every now and then you see and hear something that seems to be so utterly fantastic, that you just know you are seeing and hearing things...

Now, I already knew that Carlton Pearson, the former leader of the "New" Azusa, was off base and deceived by demons, claiming to have received a "revelation from God" that one does not necessarily need Jesus to be saved, and that ALL men would be saved in the end without judgment and that there is no hell.

Well, obviously Pearson, through Netflix has decided to go all the way with that message once again and has since stirred much controversy, both with the accuracy of the account and the substance of the account as well. 

Now, to be honest, there are many modern day heretics and apostates that hold various forms and variations of that same type of belief, such as former pastor Rob Bell who, since claiming that there is no hell, now also claims that the bible, though powerful, is an amalgamation of man made and man centered stories etc. Read his answers to questions such as inspiration and infallibility HERE.

However, what makes Pearson different, is that he somehow expects that everyone should accept his

belief because he claims to be right and the bible, and those of us who have interpreted the bible message to the contrary, are just simply wrong.

The scripture however is clear regarding Carton's false belief:

Gal. 1:8 ~ But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.

Carlton, Bell and others like them, are to be rejected by the church that is centered in Christ, because they have rejected the truth and established another path of salvation that is incompatible with what scripture teaches.

Well, the ultra critic says, "Carlton is not preaching another gospel because the gospel is the birth, life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus."...To that critic I simply say you probably LOOK as SILLY as you sound!!!!

By denying the elements of the message of Jesus, which includes hell, ultimate judgment and reconciliation of all things, both for the righteous and upon the unrighteous, is to deny the gospel itself. The gospel is the complete and inclusive (isn't that something?) message of the savior and God's actions and intervention in the world.

God has promised not only blessings upon the faithful but JUDGEMENT, as a righteous equalization and reconciliation of all evil in the world. Not only will the products of sin be dealt with but death and hell will ultimately be cast into the "lake of fire" aka: the second death. (Rev. 20:14)All those that have abused, maimed, killed, and hated God and all that he is to the n'th degree without repentance and faith in Jesus, will suffer hell as well.

I have addressed hell and the eternality of hell, more in depth in these 3 articles both HERE , HERE and HERE. One should read those articles prior to debating the issue.

Come The Pearson Heresy

Carlton Pearson evidently set out to tell his story obviously believing that he could manipulate it and the message he now preaches to draw some and rewrite the narrative of how he actually got where he is...In a recent message at his church the Bishop J Delano Ellis recently addressed the part in the movie where Pearson was called (according to Pearson himself) to tell his new demonic doctrine to a Bishops council in effort to persuade them that they needed to "rethink" the gospel message and what they had been preaching...

Beginning at about the 54 minute mark, Bishop Ellis takes Pearson's movie presentation apart and recounts what actually happened and how Pearson's false teaching was abundantly rebuffed by the Bishops present.

Preacher why is it important to point out a doctrinal dispute when there are so many souls that need to be saved?

What one believes could have an eternal weight of difference in how one lives and conducts themselves in this present world. If a person does not believe that they will give an account for their actions and that is nothing more to existence than the material world, then all evil is justified and right is only something that is contrived of men. In fact, under a purely materialistic paradigm, which I don't believe any men are under even if they profess themselves to be, there is only reward for being self-serving. There is no moral duty to be kind or embrace any value of life where one does not benefit. There is no sacrifice or self sacrifice, because I(the person) become the TOP of the food chain.

Secondly, if Carlton is right, the worst and most atrocious persons that ever lived to display their hatred for humanity are rewarded. Therefore suffering, as difficult as it is to sometimes understand,  completely makes no sense if what he believes is true. Why should not a person kill everyone they know, if ultimately they will be rewarded with heaven in spite of their acts of hate. In his view hatred and love are equal but opposite actions and both are rewarded the same...Who wants to believe that garbage????

So that is why issues such as this, especially considering the source from which these issues arise,  need to be discussed and disputed openly. Because there is a God and he is the ultimate righteous judge and will judge righteously all men need to know clearly that blessings for the righteous and punishments for the unrighteous are a part of God's divine plan. 


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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Unfit To Serve & The New American "Values"

Today (4/12/2018) I was fortunate to be able to watch is the Mike Pompeo Secretary Of State confirmation hearing, and arrived just in time to hear one Senator Corey Booker grill Mr. Pompeo, while eagerly telling the world what our new American values are if anyone seeks to serve in public office...

First, it seems that according to Booker, not only does a person have to believe in everything written in law, but also has to be one to promote and embrace the homosexual agenda, contending that because homosexuality is legal, that it is not a sexual perversion...In addition, another litmus test, according to Booker, would be the acceptance of Islam and tenets of Islamic belief and faith regardless of Sharia, or the ultimate theocratic state of Islamic belief...

In addition to all of this, Booker certainly implied that the potential Secretary Of State should have a new circle of friends that should not in any way honor or include persons such as Frank Gaffney or Brigitte Gabriel who is on the so called "Southern Poverty {IDEO-FASCIST} Law Center's" watch list....

To this, I simply say...GET A LIFE BOOKER...and that is why I cannot, and will not follow your agenda and will fight it as any American should...Why?...Because your agenda breeds INTOLERANCE!!!

While claiming to be some sort of champion of freedom and tolerance, you and those like you are the most intolerant people that can be seen. I mean according to you, if it's "law" then it should be accepted as moral...Now, should we go through all the things that were once law and were rejected by MORAL people and found to be immoral??? I mean slavery was once the LAW within the United States. Yet it was rejected on the basis and ground of immorality. While it was law, was it not a perversion? Or was it good because it was law?

Moral relativism fails on every hand as well it should...And before one gets started, don't even try the stale arguments of scriptural relativism...We've handled that and continue to handle and address such ridiculous sentiments with idiots like R Kelly (at least so is his handle on this blog) and other radicals that can't see the door.

We REJECT the new American so called "values" that encourage individuals to endorse evil and accept perversions as if there is nothing wrong. For them, accept that criteria and you can serve. Those sentiments themselves are UNAMERICAN and only prove a greater problem of neo-fascist ideology run amuck.

We say only them that are willing to STAND FOR RIGHT are worth following. Corey, with your beliefs, according to your own standards, YOU AIN'T THE ONE!!!! It is YOU sir who is unfit to serve!!!!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Church Shootings & The Value Of A Father

A recent article by the Washington Times  brought to light a recently released book,  The Boy Crisis: Why Our Boys Are Struggling and What We Can Do About It,” by Warren Farrell and John Gray. 

The Washing Times reports Mr. Farrell stating the following regarding some boys who have no fathers or limited access to fathers:
“They’re much more likely to drink, much more likely to do drugs, much more likely to be depressed, much more likely to be suicidal, much more likely to be violent, much more likely to be in prison,” ... “And they’re also much more likely to commit mass shootings.”
Mr. Farrell also relates many issues to purpose and self identity that male school shooters fail to receive from their fathers:
“Today, there’s a purpose void, because you don’t need as many boys in war, and both girls and boys share the potential for being breadwinners,” he said. “When that purpose void combines with fatherlessness, boys don’t have a way of being guided to a more nuanced sense of purpose.”
Also in the article, Peter Langman, a child psychology expert, who wrote a 2016 article on the subject, sampled a 56 person school shooter group and found the following:
“Out of this sample of 56 school shooters, only 10 (18%) grew up in a stable home with both biological parents,”... “In other words, 82% of the sample either grew up in dysfunctional families or without their parents together (for at least part of their lives).”
The Alternative Facts Of The Anti-Family Pro Gay Movement

What is bound to be a controversy is already brewing with statements and sentiments like these. Now to be fair we should not assume that just because one is pro-gay that they are anti-family. That is NOT the point of the article. However, we must be real in recognizing that the current trend is to remove any concept of gender identity such as the words or titles "Father" and "Mother" from the context of the family and public discourse all together. Those terms are being replaced by parent 1 and parent 2. In fact France has sought to ban the terms (Mother and Father) from governmental or official applications. 

Because of open sexuality and societal acceptance of the homosexual agenda, and a push for the establishment and acceptance of transgenderism, there has been a noteable push for unisexism and gender fluidity which also has sought to minimize the unique differences between male and female.

The Gender Myth

Society is embracing a moral ethic which in essence contends that  our identity at birth is a "myth" and is flexible, depending upon how one feels. We are bombarded with existential values that promote that individuals can "find our own path", "create our own purpose" or "identify as who you want to be".

In the process of doing all of that the gender differences have been minimized and even eliminated from public discussion and discourse. However, there is a way that a man has or is positioned that should be different than a woman. The differences are given to humanity for our benefit, not our detriment.

I believe that studies will show and continue to show that we damage our children by not allowing those differences to be on display and exist.

The temperament of a women is given to enhance the family and society. The temperament of a man is given to society and the family to enhance both as well. A work environment that contains both men and women allows then to work together through their differences not to the amalgamation of some type of identity(less) work force, but one in which individuals of both genders (as there is only two) enhance community, society and family.

In other words humanity has been given two genders within humanity for the benefit of humanity and each gender has a set of unique differences that they bring to society and the family. When those differences are allowed to flourish a family and community can be enhanced. 

The Father's Role

A fathers role is a very significant one. While I certainly don't intend to be comprehensive in all here, I will more than affirm that from a biblical perspective it can be observed that the moral, spiritual and essential values and duties are given to the children by the father. It is through the father that an inheritance is given. It is through the Father that the purpose and role, duty and commitment and direction to family and society is given. Identity is a product of fatherhood.

It is this role of fatherhood that has been diminished within society. Institutions such as education and the corrections system have taken the place of father within society. Then it is estimated that in 2015 that over 670,000 children were in foster care within the United States. 34% of all children live in a single parent family today. Within the African American community nearly 67% of children live in a single parent family and most of those families are headed by women.

THAT IS NOT TO INDICT THOSE women children and or families as is often done. This information is presented to inform individuals of  the issues involved as we seek to provide solutions to society and create environments where young people feel and embrace their fulfillment and purpose rather than experience the hopelessness and despair that leads to school violence and any other violence. 

Within The School Setting 

Society expects so much of the school. Especially within the public school. The thought is that it is the school's duty to train students to be productive or informed individuals within society. It has even ventured into the area of moral values education and implementation. The school now not only provides curriculum based on evidence based sex education, but also for moral values based education centered in how one should "think" about moral issues, such as sexuality.

As the role of the school has increased in this area, the role and position of the church has decreased dramatically. Now, church is mainly about entertaining the masses, collecting offerings and receiving the next "blessing" or "word" and following or finding ones "destiny or purpose"...In other words the church has failed in her responsibility and let the community down dramatically.

However, I believe that the role of the family, both mother and father are irreplaceable and not for sale!

As a Native American/Black man, I understand the perceptions of a public school system who is 1- not used to seeing men that look like me intimately involved with their children's education and 2- unfamiliar with men that are leaders, that seek to implement plans for their families and find ways to impact their communities.

Can we stop a school shooter or a child bent on committing suicide by delivering to him or her the values of God, purpose, and morality? I don't know i it is just a simple one to one ration, but I'll tell you what, society will be better if we at least try! 

In our Parent Forum on Facebook, I delivered the following commentary in relationship to this article and I would encourage other fathers to share their experience and ask that their school district not only see them, but acknowledge them for the valuable resource that they are within the school setting. 

To what I wrote:
Now, I believe this is an area of high concern in all educational settings. Within District 150 the mostly White Administrators and even some Black one's don't know how to take, receive and or accept the Black male Father in a school setting.

In all the inner city schools in Peoria I have been in, if they need someone to have a seminar, instruct or encourage kids by far and large most administrative teams look for either a popular Black women or a White male. The Black father isn't even a consideration.

How do I know? After having 2 kids matriculate through District 150 from Valeska Hinton to Sr. High, (one still in) and after setting hitory in the African American community as a male role model who is also Black, I can count the number of times on one hand that an administrative staff, when led by mostly White administrators, called me for anything in the school.

They would see me everyday. I would be involved in everything, but when it came time to reach the students, they would invariably call White men or look for popular Black women such as political leaders and other socialites, many of whom rarely, if ever, show up in the school for anything.

Then, just plainly looking at the employee integration ratio, there are not enough Black male teachers, Now, this is tragic.

Fathers make a difference. In my case I was able to coach a team my son participated on. I was able to interact with the kids in a fatherly manner as well. Not all kids need this, but to have that type of relationship available to kids is what the District should foster.

With excuses like, "we want an in house person" and all the other nonsensical avoidance jargon that Principals and leadership teams use to avoid hiring parents and in particularly Fathers, this lets me know that they are not prepared for 21st Century leadership or have as a top priority the advancement and well being of our children as a whole. It is about their "process" and the stability of their teacher groups and not about the cultivation of parents and how that positively impacts students.

Principal, next time you have an event and want to showcase someone or reach students, look at the parents and fathers in particularly that you already have. There are some who are business owners, some who are doing great things of which you are not aware. Then find an interest in those who support you and your school. Recently we had a program related to Black history and the team creating the program looked over the leaders that have committed to the school to try to cultivate someone whom the school rarely if ever sees. That is ridiculous.

Then parents that want to participate with their children in education and extra curricular activity, should be made to feel welcomed and embraced throughout the entire system and their values and viewpoints embraced instead of being told "that's not the way we do things"

I know from experience as it pertains to all the things I have outlined and more. It is time that if we truly want a safe environment for our children and really have a concern for them that we PUT UP OR SHUT UP!!!

But if one can be hateful to a child, then I suppose it is not an issue to express or show a similar hate to the parent and in particularly to a Father and to a Black Father as well. We can do much better!

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Modalistic Monarchianism & The Praxaen Heresey

I don't want to get overly theological and or technical, as I do not consider myself the one to lead into indepth or comprehensive theological discourse, but I have noticed that in debate and conversation with most believers who oppose trinitarianism in favor of Sabellianism or what is otherwise known as modalism or oneness teachings, there is often a caveat or an idea that emerges that can be rather disturbing. The thought is summarized in the following statement:

"Jesus is the Son of God according to the flesh and the very God Himself according to the Spirit"

This is a statement that can be found on many Apostolic church web sites and within statements of faith. It  is often thought to be a purely oneness statement. But in reality it is a belief system taught by an excommunicated late second century early third century priest named Praxeas and is the root of a heretical teaching that could be called Praxeanism. 

To draw a distinction, I must lay a little ground here.

First, modalism, often referred to as monarchianism and Sabellianism (after a priest named Sabellius who taught the idea) is a Christiological theory that God has revealed himself to man in 3 manifestations, roles or modes as opposed to 3 persons with mind, will, intellect and awareness of one another. Under modalistic belief, the Son has no personal independence or subsistence. A modalist contends that there is only one God and he is revealed as the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Oneness Pentecostals further contend that the name of that one God, that is common to all three modes, is the name Jesus. Therefore Jesus is not only God, but ontologically the Father and the Holy Ghost and each mode is summarized by the name Jesus, thus "Jesus only" is often an appellation applied to those who hold this belief.

The teaching that Jesus is forever and always the God/Man or theantropist, describes what is called the hypostatic union of Christ. Praxeanism essentially denies the unalterable hypostatic union of Jesus's nature as both 100% man and 100% God. Praxeanism in its endeavor to emphasize the oneness of God in his being, actually dissolves the hypostasis of Jesus as God, by contending that  the "flesh" (or physical body) of Jesus is human only, while his Spirit, is God only, therefore creating two distinct beings within one, as opposed to one complete inseparable being known as Jesus. 

Church apologist Tertullian (Quintus Septimius Florens Tertullianus) who lived roughly at the same time as Praxeus and Sabellius, noted the following in his defense of the faith regarding Praxean teaching:
"For, confuted on all sides on the distinction between the Father and the Son, which we maintain without destroying their inseparable union... they endeavour to interpret this distinction in a way which shall nevertheless tally with their own opinions: so that, all in one Person, they distinguish two, Father and Son, understanding the Son to be flesh, that is man, that is Jesus; and the Father to be spirit, that is God, that is Christ. Thus they, while contending that the Father and the Son are one and the same, do in fact begin by dividing them rather than uniting them."
Further, phrases of Jesus such as "nevertheless, not my will but thy will be done" (Lk. 22:42; Matthew 26:36-46Mark 14:32-42) under Praxean interpretation,  could be seen as the man Jesus, surrendering his will to Christ (aka: God), as there would have been a distinction between the two.   

Now, at first glace some of this may make sense, as we know that God cannot die, neither can his spirit or any spirit bleed. However, Jesus as God, took upon himself the limitations of humanity (John 1:14) and lived, suffered and died to redeem us from our sins. It was not the corpuscles of his blood that saved us, but it was the act of Jesus, pouring out his passion and love for us as God that actually redeems us. That is what is inferred when we speak of being redeemed by his blood.  

Of A Certainty This Is A Great Mystery
Paul told Timothy that this whole and complete story of the nature of Jesus is without any argument, a topic and subject full of great "mystery":

1 Tim. 3:16 ~ And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.

Immediately the focus of most oneness adherents when looking at this verse, is the word "manifest".  But that is not the point of the scripture or the emphasis of the verse. The emphasis is the how, why and method of God in doing what he did through and by Jesus in redeeming us. What Paul is saying that everyone agrees that it is a great mystery. The thought of God's method of redemption is "without controversy" a mysterious event and fact.  

Back to the point of the article:

At no point and time was Jesus not God, even as a baby or even on the cross. A God/man union was born at Jesus birth. Mary did not birth a "God essence" (whatever that ridiculous teaching could possibly mean) From birth Jesus was fully human and fully divine. In addition, God never departed from Jesus, although at times he hid himself behind the veil of flesh. He was 100% human but he was also 100% divine his whole and complete life. To believe to the contrary, is to construct a Jesus that is not taught within the scriptures. 

God In Salvation 
The fact is that if he were just a man, and if the nature of his deity could depart from him on the cross then, (as I would contend) his death as a man only would not be sufficient to redeem us from our sins, but as a mere man his death, as righteous as it may have been, could not take away our sins. The remission of sins is an act that only God can perform. 

Ephes. 1:7 ~ In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace; (Also Col. 1:14) 

I know, the critic here may assert that the scripture says that "whosoever sins ye remit, they shall be remitted" (John 20:23) but the whole and complete issue is that without the shedding of the blood of Jesus on the cross, and faith in HIS works noone has the power to remit anything. Nobody can be saved without the atoning work of Christ on the cross, so the scripture is indicating whosoever(s) sins are remitted through that process of us bringing the souls to Christ through the cross, those sins are the only sins that can be remitted indeed. 

I keep getting distracted...back to the point 
The Revelation Reality
In addition, since according to Revelation 4 and 5 that all heaven worships both the one who "sits on the throne" and the "lamb" who took away the sins of the world, we can only be reminded that it is only God, not men nor angels, that is worshiped in heaven and in earth. 

Rev. 4:8-11~ 8-And the four beasts had each of them six wings about him; and they were full of eyes within: and they rest not day and night, saying, Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come. 9-And when those beasts give glory and honour and thanks to him that sat on the throne, who liveth for ever and ever, 10-The four and twenty elders fall down before him that sat on the throne, and worship him that liveth for ever and ever, and cast their crowns before the throne, saying, 11-Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.


Rev. 5:11-14 ~ 11-And I beheld, and I heard the voice of many angels round about the throne and the beasts and the elders: and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands;12-Saying with a loud voice, Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honour, and glory, and blessing. 13-And every creature which is in heaven, and on the earth, and under the earth, and such as are in the sea, and all that are in them, heard I saying, Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power, be unto him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever. 14-And the four beasts said, Amen. And the four and twenty elders fell down and worshiped him that liveth for ever and ever.

Only GOD is worshiped especially in heaven. There would be no flesh that would be worshiped in heaven unless that flesh is in a glorified state or condition and is God.

Arianism In The Mix

Arianism, which was a rejected doctrine during the same era of time, survived the Council of Nicea in 325AD and was rehashed by demons and adopted in more modern times by what would become known as Jehovah's Witness cult and its founder Charles Taze Russell. This antibiblical and anti-Christian belief contends that Jesus is not God as in the same substance but a lesser god, one who created according to the instructions of God, but one that is also a created being himself, not co-existent and certainly not co-equal with God. However, Jesus was commissioned to do the work of saving the word. 

It would seem that there are some elements of Praxeanism in Arianism or vice-versa and most certainly in modalism or oneness theology as it is taught in most modern circles. If Jesus was a created being, or if Jesus could be separated or divided into a human part and a spiritual part, he would certainly not be God.  Neither could he become God, except in the minds of people who believed in him, but his spirit would have been and must have been "empowered" in some manner to endure saving the world. Either way, all these teachings whether independent of one another or together are contrary to how scripture presents Jesus and are not biblical. 
I will end this in as abrupt fashion as John when he spoke in 1 John 4:6:

"We are from God. Whoever knows God listens to us; whoever is not from God does not listen to us. By this we know the Spirit of truth and the spirit of error."
These heresies have existed for thousands of years and as we can see, through the years and in every generation these teachings faced the truth of scripture and were put down. They are attempts to comprehend and incomprehensible God, we know that, however, we do not have to contrive or create God to suit our understanding. If he is God, of a certainty he is also incomprehensible and beyond our understandings.

I certainly don;t accept the word of God especially as it pertains to the nature of God because I fully understand it. I accept it because this is what God says about himself and how he has used scripture to describe himself and I submit to HIS understanding of those facts not my rationalizations.

I invite all of my oneness friends to follow that path and to lay down the effort of reinventing or recreating God to suit, but simply follow the scriptures where they lead in the sense that they lead. It is much more easy to believe the truth, rather than contort a lie. That Jesus is God is not the question or issue. But that he is God eternally and of the same substance of the Father forever inseparable as 100% God and 100% man is  the difference maker, and the God that the early church was willing to lay down their lives for...That's the ONE I serve!!!!


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Monday, March 19, 2018

Track & Field Grad Assistant Speaks Up & Resigns From MSU

I have said it before and will say it again, Only a Pedophile Would Defend The Actions Of Larry Nassar. What the Pedophile needs to know is that their victims grow and the hate does too. Don't continue to be the freak and pervert by avoiding, deflecting and even blaming others for your actions.

 Thank God that a real hell exists, because without it, the sick freaks that destroy lives would never receive the justice they deserve and even asked for with their own actions.

If you're a "Nassar"...GET RIGHT! Repent!And pray for mercy on your soul. I know I will!

Kassie Powell...GOD is faithful and HE will rectify all wrongs!!!! Believe that!!!

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Monday, February 19, 2018

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Youth SOS. NO More Guns In School!

There are solutions to gun violence in schools but we must take a TEAM approach to address the issues and solve the problem. This is a social, emotional and SPIRITUAL problem which cannot continue to be overlooked.
In this video, I share what I have seen based on my over 17 years of experience as both a public school parent, volunteer, employee, and CSO (Campus Security Officer).  We need an intervention, but not the one you may think. Listen and I hope you will see!

The schools are governed by FERPA which is the federal guideline for informational sharing of education and medical records, and HIPAA. Some have said that information cannot be shared regarding students. That is NOT the case. The guidance issued regarding these issue says the following:
"Parents have a right under FERPA to inspect and review these health and medical records because they are “education records” under FERPA. See 34 CFR §§ 99.10 – 99.12. In addition, these records may not be shared with third parties without written parental consent unless the disclosure meets one of the exceptions to FERPA’s general consent requirement. For instance, one of these exceptions allows schools to disclose a student’s health and medical information and other “education records” to teachers and other school officials, without written consent, if these school officials have “legitimate educational interests” in accordance with school policy. See 34 CFR § 99.31(a)(1). Another exception permits the disclosure of education records, without consent, to appropriate parties in connection with an emergency, if knowledge of the information is necessary to protect the health or safety of the student or other individuals. See 34 CFR §§ 99.31(a)(10) and 99.36." ~ Pg.4 

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Hip Hop, Idolatry & The Church Pt. 28 ~ Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. & Rastafarianism 101

Many of us have heard of the hip-hop rapper formerly known as Snoop Dogg, currently known as Snoop Lion, originally born as Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. It seems that Calvin is fast becoming a gospel music artist getting ready to put out a gospel project along with some of the top names in the gospel music industry. 

Quite naturally the questions and criticism have swirled all over the internet especially among the Black community as to what's happening. 

I'll attempt to address a few of the more nuanced questions and address some issues hopefully from a biblical perspective in this article. 

Can Snoop really be a Christian? Secondly, are Christians validating sin by headlining with him?

Well, there are a host of views regarding Calvin and his association with gospel music icons.

We have traditionalists that say, 
  • "there is no way this man is saved." 
We have liberals, who say,
  • "everybody should praise God as everyone will praise him in the end and Snoop is entitled to his praise just like anyone else." 
Then we have moderates that say,
  • "I'm happy IF he's saved, but is he really saved? And if so, when did he get saved?"
Then we have extremists that say, 
  • "the gospel artists aren't saved anyway so what difference does it make?" 
I must confess, I am in the l"moderate", camp on this issue. To claim that the gospel artists aren't saved is a little too steep for me. I personally know some that are. Notwithstanding, I can certainly question many of the motives and condemn some of the presentations rendered purporting to be "gospel". But, I have already placed my thoughts on this blog clearly regarding those issues HERE...Let's deal with Calvin and not them for a minute.

The Current Story Of Calvin:

Calvin is a husband, father, and a music icon. He is also a coach and a Black man in America with a beautiful family As one with all of those things myself, (except for the music icon part and the money) I understand Calvin. And although he is from the gang/street/hip-hop generation of which I never felt the need to be a part of, I have nothing against him. 

So far as him turning to gospel, personally, I think it would be good for him and all men if they would come to Christ, however, I know that all men won't. If Calvin does or if he has, that would be good for him and his family. No doubt. I can only pray and root for his conversion if he is not converted, and maybe be an example that he would want to follow on a serious journey to know Jesus.

Nothing but love for Calvin, and although we will examine his theology, I think it's in order for us to look at the church before going too much further...

The Church's Desire For Association

However, what is not so good for the church, is simply parading people in front of it, no matter who they are, as if they are saved, without any evidence of a conversion experience. The church seems to do this with any "star" or secularly popular person that places the name of Jesus on their lips. They seem to get carried away with the idea that famous men and women can accept Christ. But none of that means anything if repentance doesn't precede them. Whether famous or not, without repentance and turning from sin and a sinful lifestyle and expressing saving faith in Jesus, they are still lost in their sins, and that is an issue.

The sentiment regarding how we should be careful in our display and associations and promotion of who is saved, is similar to sentiments of Nathan Jones of, as he examined the same issue pertaining to Calvin and other secular artists recently gone gospel. He stated this in an article:
"Immediately claiming them as a Christian and making them a role model to many usually works out badly. They never asked to be paraded as examples of upright Christian morality. But nor should we dismiss their faith out-of-hand because they still swear and smoke weed. We are all fallen and in a process of sanctification to fight our former sinful nature." ~ Nathan Jones "Is Snoop Dogg's new Christian faith for real?" Premiere Christianity
Although the theological point is debateable, I certainly agree with the essence of his statement. These folk did not ask to be gospel role models. It seems that many simply make them icons because of their former lives, fame and popularity.

What makes it worse, is that I don't know of any pastor or church leader that wouldn't be thrilled to have Calvin come to the church and attend a Sunday service. No matter how critical the critics are, and they can be cold on the internet,  if Calvin showed up at their church, he could nearly get away with everything that he wanted in the name of hospitality and people falling all over themselves. And don't even mention taking out the checkbook and writing a check....OMG!!! (As the young people say)

Be clear, my opinion is not to say how or why Calvin can't be saved or to even criticize him for making a gospel album. If God can save ME, he can save ANYBODY!!!! My examination is to ask why the church, especially fellow gospel artists and singers, are so enamored with the prospects of collaborating with nearly anyone who "claims" to be a Christian and or saved, and why we as a church like to parade folks who barely know Jesus , if they do, bringing them before the church as if they are some sort of prize? Is it really because they want to spread the :influence" of Christ or is it because they love the world so much, that they must hold onto something, even a piece of anything?

And then, let me take a dig here, some of the critics breathing fire on Calvin, yet themselves claiming to be a Christian, live worse than Calvin did at the height of his "Doggy Style Love" days!!! So some of the criticism of him is way over the top but some of what we have allowed through our favorite ministry leaders and singers is at least equally as egregious and yet many of us turn on the TV to see them service after service and keep them in business doing their dastardly deeds with our money.  

I'm certainly not giving Calvin a pass as you will see, but we need to examine ourselves as well because I believe that it has been the church that has helped create and seal the fate of the "Calvins" both in and out of the church. And that is not a good testimony on our behalf. 

With that said, let's examine a few issues:

Why Gospel From The Dogg?

Calvin was asked that same question. Here is his answer: 
"It's always been on my heart. I just never got around to it because I always be doing 'gangsta' business or doing this or doing that," he said during an interview with Beats 1 Radio. "I just felt like it's been on my heart too long. I need to do it now."
So the answer is clear as to why Calvin is doing a gospel CD. It seems that he always wanted to do one. We can assume that the desire to do this was even during his Dogg and Lion days. So Calvin's desire to do a gospel CD does not seem to be a product of a conversion experience or out of a new found dedication to Christ. It appears to be a long running desire to do something different. 

Nothing wrong with that...some do some don't!

Is Calvin Saved?
The Late Haile Selassie
NO. As far as I can tell, Calvin has adopted Rastafarianism as opposed to Christianity. In Rastafarianism, one would hold allegiance to Haile Selassie, the former Ethiopian King, (supposedly a direct descendant of David) as the messiah and reincarnate Christ, and hail him as "The Lion Of Judah" or the object of all praise, worship and affection. 

Rastas would believe in Jesus as much as they would contend that Haile Selassie is Jesus himself. Therefore to praise Jesus, in their mind, is to praise Haile Selassie. This is evidenced by the title "Lion" that Calvin adopted into his name.

Calvin owes Rastafarianism for his life changes and sepaks up on what the changes have done for him. As recorded by The Guardian UK Online: 
"He (Calvin) talks about the other ways Rastafarianism has changed him. "I used to answer hate with hate. Like if you hate me, I hate you more. But now I answer hate with love." 
What about your attitude to women? Was there hate in the lyrics of early songs, the bitches and the hos? "Yeah, because I was making music for me, speaking from my perspective. I was taught that a bitch is a ho and a ho was a bitch, so my music represented that, until I got to the point where I wanted to show love and appreciation for the woman."
Calvin, aka: Snoop Lion, displayed his new found faith and a claim that he was the "reincarnation of Bob Marley". Bob Marley was claimed to be one of the greatest evangelists of Rastafarianism using his musical talents to spread the word and praise of Halie Selassie. This is what the "Lion" told the Guardian UK:
"It's not hard to guess what upset many Rastafarians. The title Reincarnated refers to Snoop's statement that he is the reincarnation of Bob Marley. Does he really believe that? He looks me in the eyes and raps. 
"'Bob Marley reincarnated, pupils dilated, emancipated, concentrated, debated, rated many times, you defy how I made it? Huh?' It is me." 
I don't know it then, but he's quoting It Blows My Mind, a song he wrote in 2007."
Since 2007 Calvin has placed this thought that he was a reincarnated Bob Marley in the air. So I believe that it should be fairly clear, that Calvin is not necessarily valuing or spelling out a conversion experience to the Jesus of the bible as much as he is hailing his allegiance to Halie Selassie, the Rastafarian lord and king. 

Now, in a land of freedom, Calvin has the right to worship whom he pleases. However, we have the right to examine his confession of faith and make a clear distinction between it and the biblical Christ that we serve. 

Nothing New...Same Old Rastafarian Story

This is similar to if not exactly like Lauryn Hill. She is another Rastafarian convert that I have documented on this blog HERE and on two podcasts and radio broadcasts both HERE and HERE.  

Lauryn too was singing songs and collaborating with traditional popular Black gospel artists. They were singing odes that the church thought was to Jesus and about Jesus, but Lauren was actually expressing her praise to Haile Selassie. 

The Rastas do not believe in commitments, contracts or paying taxes so it seems. Lauryn Hill, like some others, did a stint in jail due to tax evasion. Calvin has already said that his wife simply has to understand him and his job and take the good and the bad that comes along with it. It was clear that this was "street man code" for, "don't say nothing 'bout me having sex with these ho's, otherwise we got issues" What was a divorce in 2004, eventually led to a renewal in 2008 in the Broadus marriage. 

What Of The Thirsty Gospel Artists?

YES, some of then are THIRSTY and you can tell. It's the same one's who live on the edge of salvation and the world that continue to embrace the world trying to make the world acceptable within the church. However, over the years I believe my view on this has evolved somewhat. I want to point this out...

Only God can cast out the devil...If Calvin has a devil, who should he be around? Certainly the Saints or those with the power of God to cast the devil out and bring him to salvation! If Calvin is in error, he should be around the Saints that have the truth to correct error.  

HOWEVER...When the Saints are powerless or can't cast the devil out, and in return only seek fame, popularity, and validation of the world, HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM!!!

That is the question in my opinion. Is the contract of the gospel artist so great that the faith of gospel artists mean nothing? I have asked that question in The Sale Of The Psalmist article as well, and don't intend to retrace over old ground, but we need to examine some issues to see where and who our allegiance is to as people of God, musicians and gospel artists. We continue to do and act more and more like the world and less and less like the bible. But the question still remains:


Calvin, keep hanging around. I hope that one day, a REAL Saint will grab you and cast out that ganga smokin; Halie Selassie loving demon, that you embrace, 'cause it's GOT to go in order for me to purchase a CD!!! For Sheezy on that one!!!!


Additional Reading:

The Guardian UK : Snoop Dogg Interview

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Monday, February 5, 2018

Michigan State & Sexual Abuse...Inexcusable!

From I Am My Brother Keeper Christian Advocacy Council on Facebook:

Noone has anything against Tom Izzo or Mike Dantonio.  They are great coaches and probably human beings...HOWEVER, Izzo can't take the position that all his focus and concern is now on "the victims" of Michigan State' Larry Nassar probe when he had at least 3 players who were said to have raped and even beat a woman (women) and at least 2 of them that ADMIT that they did it. 

Dantonio allegedly had many more players than Izzo, but stood up at a news conference and denied any offences by his players. 

So far as Izzo's players, according to what the players ADMITTED, they, had sex with a female student to which she claimed and reported that they threatened her life (rape) and she reported it immediately and Izzo and the now resigned athletic director knew of it and did nothing.

Izzo is pictured here with former player and coach Travis Walton who allegedly beat a woman brutally and sexually assaulted her after their relationship (if any) crossed certain lines. 

Walton of course denies all complaints saying that he was never "charged" with sexual assault and that he had a consensual relationship with the accuser.

Once again, all this happened under Izzo. Of course Izzo was not responsible, but he did NOTHING for victims then...

So WHY NOW? Why claim that silence is to benefit and in honor of the victims, when there has been nothing but silence towards the perpetrators of the crime? 

Mike Dantonio is the same. A score of Michigan State players allegedly abused and gang-raped women on campus. Yes, GANG-RAPED! They were never suspended, scholarships never rescinded, and they continued on while their victims lives were altered and changed. In one case a young lady KILLED HERSELF, committed suicide because of the stigma, shame and maltreatment from the University. 

This is SHAMEFUL and DEPLORABLE behavior and I cannot believe that there is any concern for victims when the criminals and alleged assailants were NEVER dealt with, suspended, handled or corrected. 

This is the problem I have with Michigan St. For people to claim that they are so concerned about victims, there was NO concern when the victims were allegedly being crated by their players and those who were in their circles. 


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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Hip Hop, Idolatry & The Church Pt. 27 ~ Super Bowl & The New Gospel

Now here's something that you don't see everyday Chauncey...
What's that Edgar?
Well, here it is:

No, I'll let you talk on this one. I've done 26 parts to this series and said enough.

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Self-Authenticating Witness Of The Spirit Of God

Among questions I receive are those seeking direction from individuals pondering issues pertaining to how one knows or perceives God's presence in the world and how one comes to salvation.

While there are some poignant theological differences and debate in this area within Christian circles, I don't know of anyone who doesn't believe that salvation is a work of God wrought or performed in the life of the believer.  In other words, under most constructs, Christians would contend that salvation is not a mere product of intellect, or arguments rooted in evidentialism. However, one could make the case that in many instances intellect, arguments and evidence play a significant role in the entire process of salvation and certainly spiritual growth.

Reaffirming many of the primary principles within teachings such as those of Henry Dodwell (1700-1784) and Alvin Plantinga, Dr. William L Craig points to what is called the "self-authenticating witness of God's Spirit" in the life of the believer, in the following statement:
Dr. William L Craig & Pastor H. Burnett
"Therefore when a person refuses to come to Christ, it is never just because of lack of evidence or because of intellectual difficulties: at root, he refuses to come because he willingly ignores and rejects the drawing of God's Spirit on his heart. No one in the final analysis really fails to become a Christian because of lack of arguments; he fails to become a Christian because he loves darkness rather than light and wants nothing to do with God. But anyone who responds to the drawing of God's Spirit with and open mind and an open heart can know with assurance that Christianity is true, because God's Spirit will convict him that it is. Jesus said, "My teaching is not mine, but his who sent me: if any man's will is to do his will he shall know whether the teaching is from God or whether I am speaking on my own authority." (John 7:16-17 RSV) Jesus affirms that if anyone is truly seeking God then he will know that Jesus teaching is truly from God."
So then for the unbeliever as well as for the believer, it is the testimony of God's Spirit that ultimately assures him of the truth of Christianity. The unbeliever who is truly seeking God will be convinced of the truth of the Christian message." {Craig, William L. Reasonable faith Christian Truth and Apologetics Third Edition 2008 Pg. 47}
In my opinion this is certainly true. I don't know of anyone who came to Christ initially because an argument, whatever that argument was. [I don't consider the Gospel to be an argument. It is the preached word of God and as such the Good News. Not an argument in the sense that I am proposing here] I know of no argument that is so absolutely compelling or overwhelming that one has to be saved on the basis of it. I don't know of too many individuals who's intellectual assent, no matter how steep, was the sole or singular motivating factor in accepting Christ for salvation. 

However, there is ample testimony from people, even former atheists such as C.S. Lewis and Lee Strobel, who were not saved by the evidences of Christianity, but drawn by the power of the Spirit of the Lord to salvation through the self-authenticating witness of God's Spirit. In other words, faith, for these men and I would venture to say the majority of Christians, was not and is not merely a matter of the head, it is a matter of the heart. It is that tug on the reigns of the heart by God that defines and often boggles the mind and or intellect, which leads to salvation. In theological terms this could be called regeneration. 

That Which Is Seen

Now, if this is true, that it is not the church, the individuals in the church or anything else associated with the church that either causes one to accept or reject God, then each individual is truly accountable for their own response to God. No matter the situation, it is not one's family, family history or upbringing that can be fully blamed for how the individual responds to the Spirit of God.

I'm sure that we have all witnessed individuals raised in the church, given great teaching or nurturing, but who have turned from all of that to lifestyles of sin, and shame. On the other hand, and please don't get me wrong, some situations are more conducive to salvation than others...So realizing that there are situations in which persons are driven away from or drawn to the church is not the whole question here, however, at the end of the day, every person is responsible for their own response to God and either their acceptance of union with him or their rejection of HIS grace, mercy and ultimately forgiveness. 

The facts are these: It was not Jesus who failed. It was not God who came up short or who mishandled issues. It was the individual(s) some known as part of the church or maybe institutions associated with the church or maybe other parochial institutions claiming to be built upon "biblical and Christian principles" who may have failed. 

From an individual standpoint, although we may not always intellectually comprehend or apprehend God, invariably it is flesh that always fails and not HIM nor his Spirit that woos us. But even in that  failure of the flesh in no way negates or stops the self-authenticating witness of the Spirit" from speaking and revealing the glory of God to each and every individual, from those that reject him to those that will receive him. 

Ps. 19:1 ~ To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David. The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.

His works and majesty can be perceived by all. His mystery is known to all the universe. In response the impetus of all scientific study and discovery is an attempt to comprehend his works. The unfortunate part is that many of them engaged in the study of pursuing the understanding of his works (science) because they (the works of God through creation) are seen, are oblivious to and rejecting of the wooing of HIS Spirit, even though the only reason that they are curious is because of the works they see. The works of God are HIS works and not the works of a man or some blind force. They are the evidence of his manifest presence.

Consequences Of "The Light"

At the end of the day, an individual is where they are, believing what they believe and doing what they do, because they WANT to. Not because they are fatalistically determined to be in the spiritual condition that they are. 

John 3:19 ~ And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

Sin born into the hearts of men and embraced intellectually and spiritually is what destroys the man. The wages of sin is death but the penalty of sin is more sin. Notice the nature of sin. It takes men to what we describe as "dark places". Many, if not all sin behaviors, have a self destructive basis. For example, many alcoholics drink to the pace that the alcoholism destroys their bodies. First, many controlled by the substance refuse to admit it, and secondly it is often some tragedy or threat of loss that causes the individual to seek help and eventually turn away from the behavior associated with the substance. One hardly ever simply decides to walk away from such addiction on their own and do so successfully.

Drug addicts are similar as well. The illicit and illegal use of drugs, such as opioids, which have

Then there is the adulterer, molester and those who commit sexual sin. Usually these individuals go from a stage of personal, private, hidden and even recreational pursuit of sin, to a stage of addiction or life changing actions which causes multiplied grief, heartache and confusion sometimes for generations enveloped some whole communities within America, has proven to be virulently destructive. According to a recent NBC Nightly News report, one particular city in West Virginia, with a population of 3200 persons, received over 20 million pain pills by prescription over the last 10 years. I believe drug use along these lines, are not so much a display of illness as it is a display of a heart and mind desperate in seeking to relieve itself from the burden of sin. Relief being illusive the sin nature of man finds it much more easy to embrace more sin as a remedy instead of embracing the light.

Sin ADDS to itself until in the end, it is out of control. The rejection of light and ultimately truth always leads to greater darkness.

The key here is that the Light is seen and amply available, but men find it too challenging to draw themselves away from darkness. Why so challenging? The acceptance of light has a consequence and that consequence is that darkness, which pervades every fiber of this creation, is rejected and at that point a new path must be taken because the Light has come! Therefore to accept the Light of Jesus means to reject the thought patterns, systems, and social and spiritual norms that men have embraced to comfort themselves in darkness.


The critic asserts, how then is this "self-authenticating witness of the Spirit" any different from a Mormon's "burning in the bosom" or a Hindu's state of "nirvana" or Buddhist moment of enlightenment?

First, I believe that it may be a mistake to attempt to de-authenticate the experience of them claiming to have had one. There are many experiences, but not all of them lead to the Lord or HIS throne. John was aware of this as he encourages the believer to "not believe" every spirit, but to "try the spirits, whether they be of God". (1 John 4:1). The experience is to be "tried" or weighed or judged as to its authenticity and is always subject to Christ. In measuring that, one can tell whether the experience points to Christ or points away from him by adding another measure whereby men can be saved or blessed. Therefore the experience itself is also self-authenticating.

Secondly, the best witnesses to this are those who have converted from those systems to Christianity or those who have "found" Christ. As stated, other experiences certainly may have occurred, but there should be no assumption that those alternate experiences and the experience of Christianity and the exercise of faith are the same or even equivalent. The messages are certainly not the same, so why would anyone expect the experiences themselves to be the same? Those who come from non-Christian systems of belief will be the first to assert that the witness of the Holy Spirit upon and in their lives is wholly different than anything received under former systems or channels of belief.  So these are distinctions that make all the difference. 

Next the critic would assert, then why aren't all saved since the self authenticating witness of the Holy Spirit is so unique?

Because something is unique does not mean that all people yield or avail themselves to it. First, do all people desire the same thing? For example, Tesla has a good and some say the world's best electric car. Their new version has a multi-thousand preorders. However, do all individuals stop driving their current cars and start driving Tesla? Does everyone want a Tesla because it is "unique"? Just because someone can do something, does it mean that they always do? Free will is the issue and the key here. Everyone has it and can exercise it as they see fit.  Once again, the exercise of free will to reject the self-authenticating witness of the Spirit does not diminish or negate the role, majesty or uniqueness of the Spirit in the process. 


The self-authenticating witness of the Spirit has been played out throughout the Bible. From something as simple as a man named Moses going up to see a bush that burned with fire, and coming down the deliverer of a nation (Exodus 3), to Pilate as Jesus stood before him asking "what is truth" (John 18:38) to Paul preaching so convincingly that Agrippa, says "you almost persuade me to become a Christian" (Acts 26:28)...The Spirit of God has been and will always be active because HE is God. 

One will not be able to leave this world and certainly not the presence of God without having been presented with compelling evidence of the self-authenticating witness of the Spirit...Argument or no argument, intellectual fulfillment or none, God speaks and HIS sheep do hear him!

John 10: 27 ~ My sheep hear my voice, and I know them,
and they follow me:


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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Battle For Conservatism

Has conservatism been hijacked? Has the fight for traditional marriage, for the right to life and safe borders created a tolerance for uneithical behavior, divisive behavior, and immoral sentiments?

Are we like the man with the withered hand in the synagogue? Good on one side, but unable to function and reach out on the other? Does the conservative silence on immoral values endorse those values?

Regarding President Trump's recent "s#!#-hole nations" Christian conservative Pastor Robert Jeffress said the following:

Was he "right on target"? Is conservatism rightfully associated with separatism based on color, or ethnicity (racism) and a reduction of group and individual rights in the struggle for freedom, equality, justice and a better future?

Maybe because President Obama was so extreme left that it is acceptable for this President to go extreme right?

What we want to know, is WHO will hold him accountable? As we can see...not too many and that is to our SHAME as so called conservative Christians! 

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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Black Lives Matter On MTV's Decoded

Now, I have already noted what I believe about the Black Lives Matter organization and some of its core principles. I clearly explain my position HERE and HERE. So it is clear, I don't accept and never will accept the relative moral values that the BLM organization embraces nor the disintegration of the traditional family that the organization promotes. 

With that said, I want to be clear in asserting that much of the social justice message promoted by the BLM organization and further what could be known as a social justice element promoted by the movement, is something that is true and has much place within our society, pointing out some harsh inequities and realities based on race and classism that have occurred both over time and within modern day society. 

In short, there is a distinction between the organization and the message that the organization presents to a degree. eg: Just because the organization is atrocious in its values of family and parochialism, does not mean that it is automatically wrong about many mainline social justice elements that it espouses. As stated, I will never agree with the organizational values of family, but I will and do agree that, until recently, Black lives were expendable in the hands of many social institutions, especially the criminal justice system, commissioned to protect all Americans.

Many Black people, such as myself, would often see and experience similar injustices happening to both White and Black people, but somehow Black individuals would invariably never see "justice" or "equity" in similar or the same situations. In fact, I don't think that we have ever seen a policemen kill a White parent at point blank range with a child in the back seat of car, or I have never heard of a White man being killed by the police in open daylight because he was selling cigarettes for $2 a piece. What's worse, is I've never heard anyone try to defend the actions of authorities simply because the people that they killed were Black and somehow deserving of the treatment. 

In short, anyone saying that there is nothing wrong with those incidents, or that Blacks deserve what they got because they are "more prone" to crime are just flat out IDIOTS, and individuals who only add to racism by their stereotypical attitudes.

MTV Decoded

even though I resent a segment from them here, I also have no special concern for MTV either. They have not promoted or done anything that attracts me or helps me build upon my spirituality or Christianity in general, however they did a segment on their "Decoded" show that has made its rounds and I believe their assessment is spot on!

With this said, know that there is a difference between the BLM organization and the BLM social justice effort. Decoded addresses most of the contentious arguments to the contrary and, personally, I'm glad they did. But remember...EVEN IN THE WOMB, Black Lives Matter!!!!

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